I made a video!!!

I made something fun while my muse is a butt head. Enjoy!


My Muse

My muse is driving me mad lately. I've been working on school and trying to get at least ONE story hammered out. However my muse has had OTHER ideas. lately she's been bouncing from story to story, not wanting to focus on any for very long. Between several stories and school, I can't seem to pay attention to much these days. I just wish my muse would behave and let me maybe hammer out a short story or at least a chapter of one.


New Item in the Shop!!


Isn't it so pretty?! And I'm going to do more in other colors!


Every Mormon Should Read This



Shop update!

New item up in the shop with awesome photos! Check it out! Bi-colored beanie

Isn't my model awesome! He poses so well ^_^ 


Long time no update

Things have been crazy for me. I graduated from university and jumped right into law school. I quit the job I had for 4.5 years and moved on to looking at temp positions due to the lowered stress levels so that I can focus on school.

School is hard. Nothing really prepares you for law school. You basically have to sink or swim and pray you get to swim. I understand why the schools do this, but I honestly wish there was more prep before going in. They warn you that sacrifices will be needed, but what they don't tell you is just hard some of those sacrifices can be.

The shop is still up and running and it's doing well.

Winter break is a great thing even if it's only two weeks long and I've gotten a cold due to the crazy California weather.

I hope everyone has an awesome holiday season!