Just keep knitting...

So after dutifully working on my sweater for nearly the whole winter vacation that I had, I decided to take a break. I am now making a short project. It is a Harry Potter scarf/head band thing that is in Hufflpuff colors so that I can relax and do something brainless. Then I am going to finish the sweater before school starts again and once again all my knitting must be short small travel sized projects like the wrist warmers I am going to start once I am done with the scarf/ head band. ^_^ I am excited about school though and can't wait to start and be one more semester closer to my Bachelors and my law degree. PARTY!!! lol.



Working on the edging to the duster as I now call it. The bottom of the duster/sweater is a lace knit two together yarn over combo that I think will look great. The collar will have the design and I am thinking of adding it to the sleeve as a bell accent but I haven't decided yet. The sleeve accent will be the last to be done though as it is going to be an after thought...Maybe even a pocket or two for small light items like chapstick or gum or something... Who knows. Pics to follow soon!!!!