It is done!!!

I have offically uploaded the pattern to ravelry and have made it a live download!!!

download now

Knitting Update!!!

So, I have officially written my first pattern! It's a simple knit 2 purl 2 rib wrist warmer. I will be posting it on Ravelry for free for all to use if they would like! I plan to post a photo of it tomorrow once I have the pattern uploaded.



Still working on the date scene. Ron is going to be a big catalyst is showing just who Sara really is lol. Can't wait to get it done a post it, but real life is a pain since I'm also in school again. Not to mention family crap and drama.



Made progress on the story, Of Ancient Lies and Long Held Ties. Lucius is drooling for his Sara and the chaos has begun. I've also had some inspiration for two more fics. One featuring Severus and one with our dear Jareth from the movie the Labyrinth! ^_^ I can't wait to start typing them up!


More Writing

I haven't updated the story yet, but I have made progress in it. I have also begun to write another story featuring our favorite Potions Prof! As well as I small story featuring our fave Goblin King! No, I'm not focusing on either of those at the moment, but I do at least have an idea as to what I'm going to write for them. I am for now, just focusing on "Of Ancient Lies and Long Held Ties". I do promise to post Chapter 2 soon. ^_^ 

So for now, Happy Reading!!!!!


Craft up date!!

The Doctor Who scarf is done! Well, enough that I can let James wear it ^_^ I still have to tie the ends in, but that won't take very long at all.


Good news!

I've posted a test run of my fan fiction up on AFF! Feel free to check out the first chapter! and lest me know what you think!!!!!!




Like I said in my last post, I did find all my notes. Now it's the tediousness of retyping them up on my computer and backing them up so I don't lose them again.

I'm also fighting the urge to write a later bunch of chapters including the chapter where Lucius and Sara sleep together lol.

Write again soon!!!!!!


Great news!!!!

I found my notes!!! I'm soo happy!!! Now I'm going to type them all up and then back up said files.


A sad note

I may have to start both my HP fanfic and My novel over, my notes have gone missing. I hadn't typed everything up yet and now my notes are gone, so I may have to begin them both again.