Fun New Project

Been working on a fun new project. Well, new knitting project that is.


Well, it's back....

My muse is back and not just for the fan fics I've started. She has decided I must start a new fan fic in a totally different genre. I'm not going to give anything away this time. This one will be close to the belt but I have a title and a story in mind. I've written a few lines and will be finishing another chapter in Ancient Lies. I will also be poking a bit at Of Wings. I have another story I am going to be starting as well but that one isn't as demanding.

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Creative ADD

So it appears I have creative ADD in the last couple weeks of my senior semester. I've started 4 knitting projects while studying. I've also begun writing again, but it's slow going. My muse is being moody due to all the formal papers that I have to write. It has been difficult to get my little muse going, despite all the inspiration and all the stories in my head. I am nearly done with school and will perhaps then, get to allow the plot bunnies to run free.

My knitting is spastic and I can't seem to stay on one project for more then a few hours before I burn out.

This is a quandary that I must now consider......


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