New Project! Selfish knitting!

I finally finished my custom order and got to cast on some selfish knitting! Yea! So excited!

I'm loving how this is turning out! I'm also planning on starting a pair of slippers for myself ^_^ I love getting to do selfish knitting ^_^

And as always be sure to check out the shop!


For the first time...

For the first time since learning how to knit, I won't be knitting anyone a Christmas gift... After the last knitted gift I gave away was basically called a cry for attention because of the timing of the finishing of said gift I can't gain the courage to knit another gift for someone and it kinda breaks my heart. I knitted a hat for someone and because it was finished and presented to the giftie by me the same day as her friend showed up from out of town I was some how screaming for attention by her guest. Since then, every time I try to cast on a gift all I feel in rejection.


new item

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New shop open

Hey all! My business partner and I have a new shop open! Chekc it out!!!

This is a shop shop for all things geeky! Get your geek nice and squeaky clean!


Shop Update

2 new items up in the shop today, one more to Stamp out cancer! Check it out!


Hard at Work

Between midterms, LSATs, and etsy, the last few weeks, I have been crazy busy. Got a new item up and it's awesome. I've also got another ready to be posted but I have to take some photos and make them all pretty for the world to see.

The new item up in the shop is in honor of breast cancer. 10 percent is all I keep in order to recover a small amount of the cost of materials. Please buy a pink "Boobie" bag to help honor the amazing women who take this challenge and face it head on with the warmth and support of their friends and family!

new item!

New item on the Etsy shop!!! Go check it out!