Doctor Who Scarf update

Got the yarn on Saturday. Cast on on Sunday. We went The Yarn Shoppe in Elk Grove to buy the yarn needed. It's an awesome shop. I waited until Sunday to cast on because of taking a nap with the BF Saturday night before he went to work. I got home after sayign our good byes and promptly fell back asleep around midnight. The purple looks amazing with the Camel he picked out! ^_^. I promise to take a picture and update my ravelry for every one.


The LARGEST Project

So my oh so wonderful new boyfriend bought me a knit picks interchangable needle set for x-mas. This was AFTER he managed to talk me into making a 13ft long Doctor Who Scarf. We've been researching the patterns, length and colors. This project is going to be a side thing I do when I'm at his house on his days off as a break in home work. but the sheer thought of doing 13ft worth of garter stitch in DK yarn and keep the striped pattern is a little daunting.


A project I've done

I made this blanket when I made a matching one for my second God son. I had a fun time doing it too.

New update on Novel.

I've changed Sara's last name to LaFette. I felt it suited her personality and description better. I've only gotten a few more pages done, but they were very productive pages. More updates soon.