The actual date is slow going, but then again, I am still processing exactly how I want it written. it doesn't help I keep getting sucked into other people's fics instead of focusing on my own lol. I am still plugging along though I promise.



Chapter one of my fan fic is done! I'm not posting the thing until it's completely done though. I'm already working on chapter two and have made plans for the next few chapters. Got to plow through the date and then it's smooth sailing....not! lol

Also made a bit of head way with the novel I'm writing but that won't be disclosed for now.



Well, apparently I've regained my muse. Though not how I thought I would. I've begun to write my first fan fiction. HP fanfic to be exact. But it doesn't involve two characters from the story falling in love. it involves on character and a character of my own. That's all the details I have on it for now ^_^ Happy reading


Craft update!!!!!!

Finished my grandma's memorial blanket. It's freakin' huge!!!!!!! I'll have pics done soon. Made more progress on the Doctor Who scarf, still working on it. I'll be putting up pics for it tonight on ravelry. I made my first mobieus and then I did a giant mobieus wrap. And now I'm doing the baby dragon lace scarf, I've frogged it twice now lol. I just put up a pic of it on ravelry.


Crafting update

I haven't been able to work on the Doctor Who Scarf much but I did work on the granny square blanket that my grandma didn't finnish due to her passing. I have a few more rounds to do and then I think I'm going to finnish it off and call it good. I promise to add a picture of it to this blog and my Ravelry site when its done.


Doctor Who Scarf update

Got the yarn on Saturday. Cast on on Sunday. We went The Yarn Shoppe in Elk Grove to buy the yarn needed. It's an awesome shop. I waited until Sunday to cast on because of taking a nap with the BF Saturday night before he went to work. I got home after sayign our good byes and promptly fell back asleep around midnight. The purple looks amazing with the Camel he picked out! ^_^. I promise to take a picture and update my ravelry for every one.


The LARGEST Project

So my oh so wonderful new boyfriend bought me a knit picks interchangable needle set for x-mas. This was AFTER he managed to talk me into making a 13ft long Doctor Who Scarf. We've been researching the patterns, length and colors. This project is going to be a side thing I do when I'm at his house on his days off as a break in home work. but the sheer thought of doing 13ft worth of garter stitch in DK yarn and keep the striped pattern is a little daunting.


A project I've done

I made this blanket when I made a matching one for my second God son. I had a fun time doing it too.

New update on Novel.

I've changed Sara's last name to LaFette. I felt it suited her personality and description better. I've only gotten a few more pages done, but they were very productive pages. More updates soon.