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I just did it!

Wewt! I just knit my first pair of real socks! They are awesome! I love them and can't wait to wear them! They are currently blocking on the desk and drying. but I do have pics! Check out the shops to please! Serin's Black Designs and Squeaky Geeky

I've also taught myself how to knit backwards! It's totally awesome!

serindelionc's My first sock album on Photobucket


New Project! Selfish knitting!

I finally finished my custom order and got to cast on some selfish knitting! Yea! So excited!

I'm loving how this is turning out! I'm also planning on starting a pair of slippers for myself ^_^ I love getting to do selfish knitting ^_^

And as always be sure to check out the shop!


For the first time...

For the first time since learning how to knit, I won't be knitting anyone a Christmas gift... After the last knitted gift I gave away was basically called a cry for attention because of the timing of the finishing of said gift I can't gain the courage to knit another gift for someone and it kinda breaks my heart. I knitted a hat for someone and because it was finished and presented to the giftie by me the same day as her friend showed up from out of town I was some how screaming for attention by her guest. Since then, every time I try to cast on a gift all I feel in rejection.


new item

Check out the new item



New shop open

Hey all! My business partner and I have a new shop open! Chekc it out!!!

This is a shop shop for all things geeky! Get your geek nice and squeaky clean!


Shop Update

2 new items up in the shop today, one more to Stamp out cancer! Check it out!


Hard at Work

Between midterms, LSATs, and etsy, the last few weeks, I have been crazy busy. Got a new item up and it's awesome. I've also got another ready to be posted but I have to take some photos and make them all pretty for the world to see.

The new item up in the shop is in honor of breast cancer. 10 percent is all I keep in order to recover a small amount of the cost of materials. Please buy a pink "Boobie" bag to help honor the amazing women who take this challenge and face it head on with the warmth and support of their friends and family!

new item!

New item on the Etsy shop!!! Go check it out!


New in the shop

Got a new item out in the Shop! It's a super cool rainbow dice bag! Go check it out!


Shop update

So in the shop we have a few new items going up hopefully soon. I'll be releasing a special item just for breast cancer month and each purchase will be a donation to help fund research to end breast cancer. Keep your eyes peeled for it!

I've also got a couple custom orders coming through that I may be placing up for general sale after the custom orders are done. Hopefully, they won't take long.




So the shop is up and running. Got a couple of orders all set. One has already been mailed out. I mail the other tomorrow. I have a couple of custom orders to get started. With this custom set of orders I'll be releasing a new bag set and a new special release bag for a certain kind of support. I so cannot wait to get this all off the ground! I only hope it all goes well!


New in the shop

New product in the shop! Check it out

THe bags are super fun and super cute, but once they sell out, that's it for the year. This is a once in a while special so get them while you can!

I love this silk, and hope all my customers that buy one do too ^_^

Here's with some dice in to see what it can do.

Here's what it looks like compared to something of size ^_^



Got an Etsy! Go look at what I sell!!!



It's up!

Pattern number 2 is up! I am so happy! Again though it's free since it's such a simple thing to do. But I am so excited!!!



Ok, finished the trench coat, gonna get pics for it soon. Also thinking of writing a new pattern...we'll see how that goes, I have such a hard time writing them, especially since most people don't understand how my brain works...


Stitches West

 My haul from stitches west this year


Just a few thoughts

I hadn't intended to use this blog for this, but I feel this should be said.

Politics aren't about religious views, they are about important things, like education, taxes and safety. It is a woman's body and should she be raped whether it be a stranger, acquaintance or family, she shouldn't be forced to have the child, nor should she be forced to die because she has a medical necessity to have an abortion, a tubal pregnancy is a death sentence for a woman and so is uterian scar tissue. This doesn't mean I think a woman should use abortion as birth control, but it is her right as it is her body.



Almost done with the sweater! Will have photos up soon!


Just keep knitting...

So after dutifully working on my sweater for nearly the whole winter vacation that I had, I decided to take a break. I am now making a short project. It is a Harry Potter scarf/head band thing that is in Hufflpuff colors so that I can relax and do something brainless. Then I am going to finish the sweater before school starts again and once again all my knitting must be short small travel sized projects like the wrist warmers I am going to start once I am done with the scarf/ head band. ^_^ I am excited about school though and can't wait to start and be one more semester closer to my Bachelors and my law degree. PARTY!!! lol.



Working on the edging to the duster as I now call it. The bottom of the duster/sweater is a lace knit two together yarn over combo that I think will look great. The collar will have the design and I am thinking of adding it to the sleeve as a bell accent but I haven't decided yet. The sleeve accent will be the last to be done though as it is going to be an after thought...Maybe even a pocket or two for small light items like chapstick or gum or something... Who knows. Pics to follow soon!!!!