New in the shop

Got a new item out in the Shop! It's a super cool rainbow dice bag! Go check it out!


Shop update

So in the shop we have a few new items going up hopefully soon. I'll be releasing a special item just for breast cancer month and each purchase will be a donation to help fund research to end breast cancer. Keep your eyes peeled for it!

I've also got a couple custom orders coming through that I may be placing up for general sale after the custom orders are done. Hopefully, they won't take long.




So the shop is up and running. Got a couple of orders all set. One has already been mailed out. I mail the other tomorrow. I have a couple of custom orders to get started. With this custom set of orders I'll be releasing a new bag set and a new special release bag for a certain kind of support. I so cannot wait to get this all off the ground! I only hope it all goes well!


New in the shop

New product in the shop! Check it out

THe bags are super fun and super cute, but once they sell out, that's it for the year. This is a once in a while special so get them while you can!

I love this silk, and hope all my customers that buy one do too ^_^

Here's with some dice in to see what it can do.

Here's what it looks like compared to something of size ^_^