So I've done more on the sweater. Both sleeves are done. Here are some pics:

                                          Just finished to separate for the sleeves
                                           Casting on the sleeves

Working on the body just before casting on the sleeves
The finished sleeve
                                            Working on the rest of the body of the sweater with all the yarn left it may become a duster


Chapter 2 is up!

Chapter 2 of my fan fic is up for all to read... Here ya go!!!

The Date


The sweater now has sleeves!!

So I've separated for the sleeves and have done the required length on the body. I have PLENTY of yarn left over at this point so I decided to start the sleeves now and just use what's left to do the length. I'm hoping that I can make it duster length even with the lacy collar I want to do.

Here I am wearing it before starting the sleeve. I had to buy needles for it, but this way I can leave the stitches live on the body and continue on to the length I want after doing the sleeves.


Current projects

I have my first sweater on my needles right now. I just separated the sleeves from the body and I can't wait to finish it!!! Will upload photos soon!

Several finished projects

 Also the new BF's hat fit him great!!


New Projects

Well, since my last post, I've written a bit on the fan fics, finished the silk shawl, knit a hat for the new BF's b-day, and have officially cast on my first sweater! I have been a busy little crafting bee!!!

I'll upload a finished pic of the shawl here soon, the hat, I won't sadly as I have given it to the BF already and he loved it and it fit great!

The shawl is huge! It looks great and I can't wait for it to be chilly enough to wear! It's still far too warm in Cali but it's a very pretty shawl now.

The sweater is a simple cardigan and it's going to be great. This pattern is particularly easy to do and I can't wait to see the results!!!

Pics to come!!!


This is my home

So I've taken some photos on my way to San Jose with my friend and his family. This is my California. This is my home…


The bag is done.

Well, finished the grocery bag! Its super stretchy and I can't wait to get to use it!!!! I've included photos!!!


Knitting away!

Still knitting away. Almost done with the shopping bag. Just need to do the strap/handle. I'll a photo of it up in the next few days! Promise.


Still writing, still knitting

I'm still writing and still knitting. Working on a silk shawl using lace weight hand painted Chinese silk yarn, got a while to go before it's done though. Also working on a shop bag so I can frequent the farmer's markets and buy veggies and such that way for more affordable prices. It's being made with cotton yarn so that it is washable and has some stretch and is still strong. I promise to upload photos soon. I have to take them in some decent lighting, the photos I send to Facebook and Twitter aren't good enough for here lol.


Minor detour

I'm thinking I may need to put the HP stories on hold. My other 2 fan fics are riding me fairly hard right now and I feel more urge to write on those then I do either HP story. I'm going to finnish them, that's for sure, but right now they need a break. I've been trying to push them into fulfillment and my muse is now fighting back in a rather wicked way lol. I've also started to to slowly but surely pick up my favorite hobbies again, like photography, drawing, knitting, and so on. Lol though in small steps, I'm not trying to do them all at the same time, though I can use photography with any of my hobbies lol.


More on Novels and Fan Fics

Working on the Fanfics but I have been wrapped up with my final semester in Jr College. I graduate this Saturday!!! Party!!! After that I will have atleast one semester off to write to my heart's content! Yea!!! I have the first chapter of the SS/OCC done and ready to post but I'm not posting it with the LM/OCC not done since technically after the LM/OCC >_< But my muse insists on riding my brain on multiple stories. This is confusing at times lol. I promise after graduation I'll work harder to get the stories up, but I'll warn you, they might be novel length by the time I'm done lol.

Now I'll leave you with a question,

Watch the Vid and think: What would you say if you had only one peice of paper and minutes to live?



Had a thought today. If life is suppose to be one hell of a ride...why the hell am I just sitting in the slow lane!? I am terrified to make a leap of faith in any way and its beginning to really bother me... OK, minor rant is over. Back to normal blogs.
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