This is my home

So I've taken some photos on my way to San Jose with my friend and his family. This is my California. This is my home…


The bag is done.

Well, finished the grocery bag! Its super stretchy and I can't wait to get to use it!!!! I've included photos!!!


Knitting away!

Still knitting away. Almost done with the shopping bag. Just need to do the strap/handle. I'll a photo of it up in the next few days! Promise.


Still writing, still knitting

I'm still writing and still knitting. Working on a silk shawl using lace weight hand painted Chinese silk yarn, got a while to go before it's done though. Also working on a shop bag so I can frequent the farmer's markets and buy veggies and such that way for more affordable prices. It's being made with cotton yarn so that it is washable and has some stretch and is still strong. I promise to upload photos soon. I have to take them in some decent lighting, the photos I send to Facebook and Twitter aren't good enough for here lol.